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Creating new-relic accounts using an API



Is there any API using which an Admin/Owner can create a new-relic account for new user.
Also, is there an API for modifying existing details(such as email) for particular users.

The below is the manual way of adding/updating the users.


Hi @Bikash.Singh

Currently there is no API for regular accounts to create new accounts or new users. If your organisation has a partnership agreement with New Relic you may have access to our Partnership API which will allow you to create accounts or users.

Alternatively, you can use the bulk user actions page to edit and upload a CSV of user details:

or if you are using Single Sign On, you may take some benefit from AUM:

API to find users who have last active status as "Pending invite"

Hi @RyanVeitch

In case the organisation has a partnership agreement with New Relic, would we able to create users without updating/deleting any previous data already existing in it. (Because the bulk_user option using CSV does that I suppose).

Could you please confirm on the same.

curl -X POST
-H ‘Content-Type:application/json’
-d ‘{“users”:[{“email”: "", “password”:“password1”, “first_name”:“John”, “last_name”:“Doe”, “role”:“admin” }]}’


Per the Partner API User Object docs, you would be able to update the roles and permissions of a user, but you would not be able to update other details such as email address/timezone preferences/etc…