Creating New Relic User account

I was going through document for creating new relic account for a user. However I was unable to get the field for creating user with add on roles. Is there any field for creating a user with add on role.

Hey @annesha.bhattacharya

It’s not currently possible to create users with Add On roles via the partnership API. You can only create users with the base roles User, Admin, Owner.

Thank you Ryan for your help on this. I have another query. Currently we are using company specific email id to login to new relic. We need not have to provide password while logging in. We have Duo enabled. We login through push notification. If we need to create user account in newrelic then in this case how do we proceed.

Hey @annesha.bhattacharya

I know that the User object in the partnership API does include the Password field as REQUIRED.

But this won’t be used for log in on accounts with SSO enabled.

You can just use a generic string of Abcdef1234 for a password in the API if you wish, like I said, it won’t be capable of logging into SSO accounts. Your users will still be redirected to your SSO provider.