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Creating synthetics checks with terraform



Not sure this is limitation of newrelic provider or something else. Also I’m relatively new to newrelic or someone with basic usage experience so could be something that I need set it first before getting expected results.
I’m trying to automate process of creating and managing synthetics checks with terraform. I manage to develop module that would create checks as expected. Also will apply changes if applied through code. However, problem i found is that terraform is not aware of changes applied manually to tests so we cannot restore to desired state if someone make manual change.
I have tried with different versions of terraform: => 0.11.14 and =< 0.12.0 and results are the same.


Hi @rafal.bialek -

Thanks for creating your first topic in the community!

This sounds like an issue on the Terraform side. Our support engineers are unable to advise on non-New Relic products, but I am wondering if @frankdornberger or @sarahmoore might have some advice for you. They have both been involved in discussions around Terraform here in the community and might have some insights they can share.


Thank you @hross. My guess is the issue I’m facing may be provider’s limitation. Would be great to hear from others if they hit the same limitation so at least it could confirm I’m not doing something wrong.


Hi @rafal.bialek, this would be a limitation of the platform, have you tried retrieving the monitor data before re-editing using the Data Source example below:


@rafal.bialek Thanks a lot for this question. The idea behind Terraform is that you no longer touch configuration manually. If someone makes a manual change in the configuration, it would be overwritten, indeed. Depending on the change that has manually made, we should though be able to indicate changes that would be done, if you run a “terraform plan”.
Can you please let me know which kind of change has not been detected? E.g. change of check interval from 5 to 15 minutes, or modification of a script, etc.

@rdouglas The data source you’re referring will only return the ID of the monitor but not it’s configuration. Some of the configurations such as the interval can then be retrieved for further use but it would not be able to use this data source to retrieve a current script, save it to a file and edit it from there.