Credential Rotation for License Key in Heroku Apps

Hi! I would love some help doing a license key rotation for some Heroku applications. There are three that I have in mind, but would like to test on a single environment first. Two apps are on the free tier, but one is on the newrelic:hawke tier.

Appreciate any help that can be provided.

Hi @sbillington

I hope you are well.

Great question, In this situation I note that you may be able to avail of a self service solution. As this is for 3 different accounts, the user performing these License Key Rotation will need to have either Owner permissions or Full Admin permissions on the account.

As we’ve started offering the ability to generate secondary license keys, also known as ingest keys , using Nerdgraph. For more information on that process, check out this article. Something to note about using these ingest keys is that in the event you need to regenerate your keys in the future, you would have the ability to do so yourself!

I hope this provided help and guidance, please feel to let me know if this worked. Any additional questions are always welcome!

Hey @dcody,

One of the apps has <orgname>@herokumanager as the owner. Is there any way to have one of the other two members for that org to be promoted to owner?

As for the other two applications. Maybe this is an edge case but the application on heroku initially was part of a different organization. The “owner” of the application has transitioned the application ownership to a new organization following a company merger. The previous owner of the application no longer has account access through heroku since we moved to a different email system (we moved from username and password with the older pre-merger accounts to the new org accounts with SSO). So the owner is no longer able to access New Relic with their original account that is listed as the “Owner” account in New Relic via the heroku add-on. I am unsure if they are going to be able to log into New Relic since they may never have accessed the applications outside of the redirection from heroku. I’m checking with them as we speak, but what would be the best recourse? Have them try and reset their password? Is there any way that I should be able to get elevated privilges since I am an admin for the heroku application in the first place?

Hi @sbillington

Hummm this will need the support of the accounts team here, as there are many accounts involved and ownership changes. As the info needed also to support this will be sensitive data it will be better support by the Accounts team.

I have created a case on your behalf with the Accounts team, please note they will reach out via email with their findings.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

Super. Appreciate the help with this!

One last thing. I see the email from Global Technical Support related to the case. Whenever I click the URL with the case number it will error out and I can’t access the details for the case, it says “Page Not Found”. Is there any specific account I should be logged in as to direct me to the case besides this one?

Hi @sbillington

So sorry to hear that, this may have been my fault as I didnt attach the RPM number to the case. I have updated the case now with it, which should allow you to open it.

Can you confirm this has worked for you, if not we are here to help!

I’m still unable to reach the case given the link provided via email from the Global Technical Support address. @dcody

@dcody. I am still unable to get access to the cases using the link provided. I was eventually given access as Owner by the former individual and have worked my away around the problem for two of the other heroku applications that I was having issues with.

For the last application where the owner was <organization> it was easier to regenerate the License Key by killing the heroku-add on and recreating it.