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Custom dashboard with cross information about specific user



I would like to create a custom dashboard with all cross information in context of specific user. I would like to give my support team ability to filter all data from APM, and Browser via specific user_id attribute. In APM I have this attribute now, and I can filter all the data from this module. Do I have to add this attribute also as a custom browser attribute to filter Browser data (page views, js errors, etc.), or there is other way to connect apm, and browser transactions by attribute?


Hi @ibarkowski - Yes, adding the user context to the PageView as a custom attribute will provide you the “JOIN” between PageView and Transaction.

You can pop over to this feature request to add the session id to the transaction.


@ibarkowski - looks like Stefan was able to help here - he is indeed correct, you’ll need to add the attribute to the Page Views too as well as the APM Transactions. :slight_smile: