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Custom Data Limits - Per account or sub-account?



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I was watching an On-boarding Video (New Relic On-Boarding Video: #8 Building Custom Reports) and started to muse about using custom event types. When I went to check the documentation it says:

The current limit for total number of event types is 250 per account, in a given 24-hour time period

What exactly does that mean? If we have broken our teams into their own sub-accounts does each sub-account have a 250 event type limit?


Hi @jbiggley,
The 250 unique event type limit is on a per sub-account basis. It’s very rare that there is a need to insert this many event types though. Doing this can actually make it harder to view your data in the most useful ways. It’s better to use unique attributes. This allows you to get a much better view on the relationships between data types.