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Custom Event with custom date field




I am struggling to find examples to write a date time field to a custom event. I have read that you could use the current timestamp field to allow for querying however I am unable to get this to work as well. I would like to use the timestamp in calculation do a graph representing a request per tier.

Currently I am able to store a custom date but only as a string field which doesn’t help me in our custom dashboard.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am using .NET framework with the agent version: 8D98D7C9-E71C-4D19-A011-B86BC46CBC02


Hi @mohamed.bray - You need to send thedates as an unformatted Unix timestamp. You then use the Data Formatter in Insights to change the display.


Thanks this has helped me move forward. I am now receiving the data in insights. I failed to cast it as a Single as well once I updated my code to do that I was able to format the data as a timestamp


Thanks for that answer @stefan_garnham!

@mohamed.bray if you have any more questions, please let me know.