Custom events are not tracked after disabled everything

I’m seeing a weird behavior on customer events after I set in False some configurations:
distributed_tracing.enabled = false
monitor_mode = false
transaction_tracer.enabled = false
error_collector.enabled = false
thread_profiler.enabled = false
high_security = False (from the beginning)
custom_insights_events.enabled = true

When I look at my custom dashboard, all are empty. As far as I read on the documentation custom events are only blocked when high_security=True.

Can you help me to understand why my custom events are not tracked?


Hi, @newrelic200: If you disable everything, the agent will not send any data, including your custom events. If you only want to send custom events and nothing else, you should use the event API.

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Thank you very much @philweber !!

I’ll try to go through the event API.

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