Custom events deleted after ten days

Hi! I’d like to know if New Relic made a change regarding the duration custom events are stored. We found out we don’t have data after 10 days passes.

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Hi, @fermin.recalt1: Under our current pricing model, custom events are retained for 30 days by default. Under our original pricing model, custom events are retained for 8 days for Pro subscribers, 3 days for Essentials subscribers, and 1 day for Lite (free) subscribers. I don’t think this has changed recently.

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Hi, so what could be the issue? Do you want me to share the dashboard url?

Hi @fermin.recalt1

Thanks for reaching back out.

I believe whats happening here is due to your account being a Free / Lite subscription account on our original pricing model. Which as highlighted by @philweber would be why the data is not retained.

It may be worth considering to updating to our current pricing model, see Switch to our newer usage-based pricing model | New Relic Documentation.

I would suggest upgrading your subscription should you want data retained beyond the 30 days.