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Custom payload modifications


Is the default custom payload the same as the normal payload? Can we modify the values for the default keys and have it work? IE: could we change severity from the variable to a fixed value? Whenever I have tried, it fails to send successfully to any endpoint


Hi, @tim.davis: Yes, the default custom payload is the normal payload, and yes, you should be able to change a variable to a custom value. Can you post your custom payload here?


My custom payloads have been returned to ‘standard’ payloads. However, the ONLY change I make is:


“severity”: “WARN”,



OK, and how are you testing it? Here is what I just tried: I created a test endpoint at Then I created a new webhook notification channel in New Relic Alerts, using my endpoint URL. I created a custom payload and modified the severity field to pass a value of "WARN", and saved the notification channel. Finally, I clicked “Send a test notification”:

New Relic told me the notification was sent successfully:

When I inspected the request at, I could see my custom severity value in the payload:


Same way, but it always errors out.


Maybe try again, and post some screenshots?