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Custom Y-Axis Scaling


Good morning all! I’m new to New Relic, so forgive me if I just haven’t figured it out. I have several visualizations that show unique users of our system. This number increases every day, month, and quarter, but the y-axis is always anchored on 0. This tends to flatten out my trend lines over time and doesn’t provide the granularity i need in my graphics. Is there a way to set the low end of the y-axis or have it auto scale according to the numbers? For data that only ranges between 17,800 and 25,000, a y-axis of 0 to 25,000 isn’t greatly useful.
Thank you for your insights!


Hi @John.Hopson - It feels like the feature request below covers your scenario.


Thank you @stefan_garnham! I voted on that feature request. I guess I’m happy it wasn’t just me?



@John.Hopson Stefan is right, that is currently a feature request. Thanks for getting your vote in on that post! We’ll get your +1 added internally too.