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Customer Dashboard: APM & Infrastructure



New Relic – APM & Infra Dashboard

Dashboard gives you the visibility into your apps & dynamic infrastructure and improve experience with real-time analytics. Below dashboard provides analysis of APM & Infra metrics with respect to tracing the transaction, infrastructure, errors and etc…

Dashboard Details:

Required Products: APM, Infrastructure.
Level of Effort: Low

This dashboard will work on the standard New Relic data models and does not require any custom attributes or events

Enabled Event Types: SystemSample, StroageSample, TransactionError, InfrastructureEvent

Enabled Attributes: app_name, hostname, apmApplicationNames, httpResponseCode, entityId

Chart Details:

Infrastructure Metrics:

Line Chart:

SELECT average(cpuPercent), average(cpuIOWaitPercent), average(cpuSystemPercent), average(cpuUserPercent), average(loadAverageOneMinute), average(loadAverageFiveMinute) FROM SystemSample, StorageSample TIMESERIES


SELECT average(duration), max(duration), percentile(duration, 50, 75, 90) FROM Transaction FACET name limit 15 SINCE 1 week ago

Pie Chart:

SELECT count(*) FROM TransactionError FACET error.message SINCE 1 day ago

Line Chart:

SELECT average(receiveBytesPerSecond) as ‘Inbound BW’, average(transmitBytesPerSecond) as ‘Outbound BW’ FROM NetworkSample TIMESERIES SINCE 1 hour ago


SELECT max(diskUsedPercent) as ‘Percent Full’ FROM StorageSample since 1 hour ago

Dinesh Kumar R