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Customer Dashboard: End User Performance



Dashboard: Care Operations (Production)

This dashboard determines production care channel performance and provides end user performance of specific BUC’s

Level of effort: low
Audience: Operations and Management
Usage: Heavy

Initial Load Time Avg (today vs. 7d ago) : Todays page load time of Home page compared to 7 days ago
Prepaid Cart Session Funnel: Funnel diagram of cart sessions vs completion
Avg Page Load Time (orderconfirm): page performance of order completion
Initial Load Time by Browser Version: Load time by Browser Version
Page Load Detail by Browser Version: Page Load Detail by Browser Version

Dashboard Queries:

Initial Load Time:
SELECT average(duration) as ‘Page Load’ FROM BrowserInteraction where appName=‘Rebellion_Prod_Care’ and category = ‘Initial page load’ SINCE 1 day ago until 1 minute ago TIMESERIES auto COMPARE WITH 7 days ago

Browse and search page URL Counts:
SELECT count(*) from BrowserInteraction where appName = ‘Rebellion_Prod_Care’ facet cases(WHERE targetUrl like ‘%prepaid/browse%’ as ‘Browse’, WHERE targetUrl like ‘%search%’ as ‘Search’) since 1 day ago

Page Load Counts:
SELECT count(*) as ‘orderconfirm’ FROM BrowserInteraction where appName=‘Rebellion_Prod_Care’ where targetUrl like ‘’ SINCE 1 day ago COMPARE WITH 7 days ago

Cart Session Funnel:
select funnel(session, where targetUrl like ‘%prepaid/cart/landing’ as ‘Cart Landing’, where targetUrl like ‘%prepaid/cart/orderpayment’ as ‘Order Payment’, where targetUrl like ‘%prepaid/cart/orderreview’ as ‘Order Review’, where targetUrl like ‘%prepaid/cart/orderconfirm’ as ‘Order Confirm’) from BrowserInteraction where appName = ‘Rebellion_Prod_Care’ since 1 day ago

Page load detail by Browser Session:

SELECT average(duration) as ‘Avg PageLoad’, count(*) as ‘Initial Pageload Count’, average(timeToFetchStart-timeToRedirectStart) as ‘Redirect Duration’, average(timetoDomainLookupStart-timeToFetchStart) as ‘Cache Duration’,average(timeToDomainLookupEnd-timeToDomainLookupStart) as ‘DNS Duration’,average(timeToRequestStart-timeToConnectStart) as ‘TCP Duration’, average(timeToDomLoading - timeToRequestStart) as ‘Request Duration’, average(timeToLoadEventStart-timeToDomLoading) as ‘Dom Duration’, average(timeToLoadEventEnd-timeToLoadEventStart) as ‘OnLoad Duration’, average(duration-timeToLoadEventEnd) as ‘XHR Duration’ from BrowserInteraction where appName = ‘Rebellion_Prod_Care’ and category = ‘Initial page load’ facet userAgentName, userAgentVersion limit 100 since 1 day ago until 1 minute ago