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Customer Dashboard: Error Stats



Dashboard - Error stats Dashboard

This dashboard shows us all the stats which we use on daily basis for error logging, detection and resolving. Some of the critical charts include:

  1. Which of the server instance is throwing how many internal errors.
  2. Which OS is giving which type of JS error.
  3. Response code appdex
  4. Some critical microservice appdex scores

Dashboard Details

Required Products: APM, Browser
Level of Effort: Low

Event Types: Transaction, JavaScript Error
Enabled Attributes: response.status, host, userAgentOS

Chart Details

App to response code response time:

SELECT count(error) FROM Transaction FACET appName, response.status SINCE 1 day ago TIMESERIES

JS Errors by OS

SELECT count(*) FROM JavaScriptError FACET userAgentOS,errorMessage

JS Errors

SELECT count(*) FROM JavaScriptError SINCE 3 days ago COMPARE WITH 3 days ago TIMESERIES