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Customer Dashboard: Live State of Production



Our dashboard is displayed on a screen in the open space.
It is showing the live state of our production app.
The first 2 charts are showing the error rate and the response time for the web servers.
The one with a little blue spike is the notification consumption.
Then the throughput and the response time for the asynchronous tasks.

For the numbers, we are showing the waiting messages, for the async tasks and in rabbitMQ. We are sending to newrelic custom data :

SELECT latest(notifications) FROM bot
SELECT latest(messages) FROM rabbit

The last 4 response times are a specific transaction we are monitoring, and I put the percentiles (5, 50, 95) and the median time.

SELECT percentile(duration, 5, 50, 95), average(duration) FROM Transaction WHERE name = ‘WebTransaction/Custom/api/****’ since 1 hour ago