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Customer Dashboard: Mobile - iOS & Android



Dashboard: Mobile Applications - iOS & Android

This dashboard contains important business metrics and application health metrics.
It allows our application team to always have a good understanding of

  • users regularly logging into the mobile application
  • level of user satisfaction
  • most used areas of the application
  • trends in errors
  • frequency of mobile crashes
  • server-side performance

Dashboard Details

Required Products: API, Mobile, Synthetics
Level of Effort: Moderate
This dashboard uses custom events (Tap Events)
Use the gear button to edit your dashboard and configure the following settings:

  • Dashboard Filter: Enabled

Chart Details

% Crash Free Sessions


SELECT (1-filter(uniqueCount(uuid), WHERE category='Crash') / uniqueCount(uuid)) * 100 as% Crash FreeFROM MobileSession, MobileCrash WHERE crashFingerprint NOT IN () where appName like 'PROD%' SINCE 1 week AGO LIMIT 1000
The percent of unique crash free mobile sessions.

Digital Gateway API - Performance

Pie Chart

select count(*) from Transaction where appName = 'mobile-api' facet cases(where apdexPerfZone = 'S' as 'Satisfied', where apdexPerfZone = 'T' as 'Tolerating', where apdexPerfZone = 'F' as 'Frustrated') since 1 week ago
Breaks down the server calls into its apdex categories of ‘Satisfied’, ‘Tolerating’, and ‘Frustrated’.

Feedback -> Satisfied -> Write Review


SELECT funnel(sessionId, WHERE target like '%Feedback: Did Prompt' as 'Prompted for Feedback', WHERE target like '%Feedback: Satisfied Yes' as 'Tapped Satisfied', WHERE target like '%Feedback: Write Review Yes' as 'Tapped Write Review') FROM TapEvent SINCE 1 week ago
The number of sessions in which a user was prompted for feedback inside the application, said they were satisfied, and subsequently agreed to write a review.