Customer Dashboard: Page views vs Sessions

We like to track our number of page views with the number of unique sessions.


SELECT count(*) from PageView WHERE appId=________ since today

Unique Sessions:

SELECT uniqueCount(session) FROM PageView WHERE appId=________ since today

Device Types:

SELECT count(*) FROM PageView WHERE appId=________ since today FACET deviceType

Nice Dashboard. Thanks for sharing
The only thing I would do different is the load time distribution - instead of a buckets query I would use a histogram(duration, 10,10) to chart. 10,10 = 10 segments, 10 seconds
Because it will include those north or 10 seconds (which can be a lot).

hi, i am new to NR. Can you help me by providing the nrql for the other items in the dashboard? 400/500 erros and page load times 1 sec interval.
Thank you

This would be a good place for you to start… Creating a template data app

Of course you can pick what you want from the examples I’ve provided or ask for clarification.

As a matter of practice, I don’t like to count errors but represent them in a manner that normalizes between multiple apps if you need that.

For example:

SELECT percentage(count(*), WHERE (httpResponseCode LIKE ‘5%’)) AS ‘% Server-side Error Responses’ FROM Transaction WHERE appName = ‘XYZ App’ since 30 days ago