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Customer Dashboard: UI Support



UI Support Dashboard

This dashboard is used to represent one of our customer facing UI regions at a high level.
It provides insight into the below.

  • APDEX|Througput|ResponseTime of one of the UI applications for a various region.
  • Core service performance it relies upon.
  • Snapshot of current scaling within that region and its failover region.
  • Order Metrics
  • 5 minute Tradewindow snapshots

This allows us a quick glance one stop shop for the front end application performance and current order trends.

Chart Deets

Required Products: APM, Custom Events.
Level of Effort: medium
Throughput, Response Time, Host Count, Apdex are all standard to NR APM.
The Order count data and windowed snap shots are passed in as custom events from SQL data via send-custom-events-event-api

Query Info

Active Hosts Per Region

Bar chart

SELECT uniquecount(host) FROM Transaction FACET CASES(WHERE appName like ‘%-MY-APP’ AS REGION1, WHERE appName like ‘%-MY-APP’ AS REGION2) SINCE 1 hour ago

Shows the current host count in relation to the UI Apps in the primary and failover region for last hour.

Windowed Order Count

Line Chart

SELECT latest(Current), latest(Expected) FROM CustomEvents WHERE CountryCode = ‘Apple’ TIMESERIES AUTO

Provides visualisation into a regions current orders vs an aggregated expected value over the last hour.

5 Min Window

Line Chart

SELECT sum(Count) as ‘Orders’ FROM CustomEvents WHERE CountryCode = ‘Peach’ SINCE 12 hours ago TIMESERIES 5 minutes COMPARE WITH 1 week ago

Provides visualisation for current order count counts over a 5 min window against data from same day and time last week.