Customer Journey Nerdpack

A Customer Journey Custom Application

This Customer Journey application is like a NRQL funnel query on steroids. The Nerdpack is designed to allow devops teams, product manager, and digital marketers to examine a number of pre-defined measures in a side-by-side comparison between cohorts (columns) of users through a set of steps (rows).

  • Rows = Steps
  • Columns = Series
  • Measures = Stats

The application does this through a few visualizations.

Multi-series Funnel

It leverages a nr1-funnel-component . This visualization combines a 3rd party funnel library with the NR1 NerdGraphQuery component to execute three New Relic NRQL queries in the same GraphQL request and align the results into one data set that is delivered to the funnel visualization.

Data panels

For each row (Step) and column (Series), the Nerdpack renders a set of measurements (Stat). Those calculations can apply KPI thresholds to color-code the information. Each panel is also clickable , leading to a more detailed overview.

Detail Nerdlet

For any Journey , Series , and Step , there’s a Nerdlet that will display the more detailed KPI’s as well as timeseries view of the the given Stats for the selected row and column.

Configuring this Nerdpack

See for detailed instructions on the capabilities of each portion of the journeyConfig.js. Also look at the examples directory for inspiration.

Clone This Nerdpack

git clone
cd nr1-customer-journey
nr1 nerdpack:uuid -gf
npm install
npm start

Visit, navigate to the Nerdpack, and :sparkles:

The full Customer Journey GitHub repository and README can be found here.

Happy Nerd-ing! :nerd_face:

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Hey, this is pretty cool. A few questions/comments:

  1. We set up two journeys in config file, but only the first one is always displayed. Each one as works when it is the only one in the file, but when there are tow - we can switch to second in the UI but we still see the first one only. Should it work with multiple journeys?

  2. We use non Latin characters in series label (for example changing “All users” to “Все посетители” we receive an error in the NR1 UI (“something went wrong”) but no errors in console. In KPI Description non Latin characters cause no issues.

  3. Look like only Page Views KPI is highlighted in red/green. For example error rate is not highlighted in red, even when threshold is exceeded (this is true even for demo screenshots and assuming default config is used).

@protosecurity, thanks for this post. They’re three issues that require attention. Thank you.

  1. That’s been fixed in the latest version now available.
  2. Ditto here. The fix has been posted with the latest version. It was actually a bug in the underlying nr1-funnel-component and the way it was dealing (not dealing) with unicode characters in GraphQL.
  3. Again, thanks for the notice. The logic was wrong. It’s fixed. Cheers to that.

The latest version of the nr1-customer-journey (0.1.7) has all three of these fixes.

FWIW, I’d love to get your participation / contribution in the project. As you discover/find issues, feel free to fork and give the project a PR.

Hi, thank you fo fixing this so fast. Some additional comments:

  1. Two journeys now work, we can switch between them and the data on the right hand side changes. However, in first journey we have 5 steps, in second - only 3, and the funnel image still shows 5 steps even for journey 2.

  2. Fixed now.

  3. We see the error rate is highlighted, but the average duration and 99 percentile are not.

Also, now the funnel itself is always looking very strange :roll_eyes:

It now always shows 33%/33%/33% on each funnel step.

I found another issue with the funnel construction that was an error (part of my solution to the unicode characters was wrong). The funnel issue is addressed in 0.1.8.

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Specifically the issue on the funnel always showing 33%. :man_facepalming:

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I am having trouble getting the customer journey to pull in the app information. I know I have everything labelled correctly and mapped to the right data but it’s still showing up as 0 for all the fields. Any ideas what I could be missing?

@andrewnguyen is the account where the data resides in the same family of accounts/subaccounts as the account to which the Nerdpack was deployed?

I tried to clone the Git repo and run the application, But I’m not able to see any data in the dashboard. What changes are to be made after cloning the repo?


The repo’s README in the repo highlights the (current) need to configure the journeyConfig.js file. You can see examples here:

There’s an issue on the backlog ( to remove this constraint with an editable interface that writes it’s data to NerdStorage, but that’s yet to be undertaken.


After I ran the following commands:
nr1 nerdpack:clone -r
cd nr1-customer-journey
nr1 nerdpack:serve,

Am not able to view any data on the Dashboard.

The console has the following error. Can you please help me resolve this issue? Thanks

As Joel mentioned, you need to configure the JourneyConfig.js file that ships with the repo.

I can see from the console error, that it is trying to pull data from our demo account (which is the one configured in the example JS file).

You’ll need to update that to look at your own account,

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Can I use the demo account data for viewing how my Customer Journey dashboard looks like?

If not, can you please provide me a sample response data so that I can test my dashboard before integrating with my account?

Our Demo account is only available to New Relic Staff for demoing the platform. I’m sorry but it is not made available to external users.

The Journey Config JS file shows you the NRQL queries run by the Customer Journey Nerdpack.

I’d encourage you to run these yourself in the New Relic Chart Builder.

That should show you some of the data that this nerdpack will be looking at.

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Okay thank you for the help. I configured the dashboard with my own account. How do I modify the SINCE of the NRQL query? Currently it is fetching with SINCE 30 mins, I want it to be SINCE 1 week ago

Where are you looking at the data?

If you’re looking in the Customer Journey Nerdpack then you’ll need to add SINCE 1 WEEK AGO to the queries in the JS file.

If you have added these queries to a dashboard in your account, you can switch to edit mode on the dashboard (pencil icon), and then hit the 3 dots beside each widget to edit them. Adding SINCE 1 WEEK AGO to those queries too.

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@upsbazaar2016 if you’re referencing the Customer Journey interface, the time picker on the right hand side of the window is respected by the UI (see on the right).


Thank you for the support.

I made the changes and it worked. Thank you

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