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Customer Solution: Synthetics Monitoring Using Selenium



New Relic Synthetics is an automated monitoring tool that provides insight into availability and performance of websites, web applications, and APIs. Selenium is a portable software-testing framework for web applications. Together, they form a powerhouse testing team. Here is blog post from Saucelabs that other New Relic users have found helpful.

Why Monitor?

The post New Relic Synthetics Monitoring Using Selenium starts by explaining the importance of synthetic monitoring: “Continuously monitoring the performance of web applications helps ensure that web services are in place and working correctly and error-free by running automated tests on a set schedule.”

Monitoring with Synthetics and Selenium

This post shows the basics of New Relic Synthetics, including the Overview, Resources and Failures pages. Best of all, it walks you through how to configure and develop a Selenium scripted browser test, including a sample Selenium script. If you’re a Selenium user, make sure you check out the post today!

Thanks to our friends at Sauce Labs!