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Dark Theme for Insights Dashboards and Data Apps



This is just more of a Cosmetic thing really, but it is worth considering the option of having a darker theme for the Insights UI(something that is easy on the eyes), when you have a giant dashboard right next to you with all the bright colors flickering. If we have it already, how do i enable it?


Hey there! There is actually a Dark mode for Insights dashboards. To reveal the button, put the dashboard into fullscreen mode by clicking the expansion arrows in the upper right. Then you’ll see a lightbulb button. Clicking that button will toggle the view that you’re in between light and dark modes.

I noticed that this wasn’t easily discoverable in our documentation, and we’ll work on fixing that, so thanks for bringing that to our attention!


thanks Alexis,

It seems to be what i was looking for. works on Data apps as well, but the fullscreen allows only one Tab at a time.


Nice hidden feature! But dark mode could use a bit of enhancements see image example


I love Dark mode from the browser but we really need to get this implemented on the Mobile/Tablet Apps. It would be a huge battery saver.