Dashbard's pages scroll


While configuring dashboards, we have noticed that there seems to be a limit on the number of pages displayed in the UI.


It gets to a point where the pages “dissapear” basing on the width of the screen. Zooming out reveals the rest of the pages but makes it difficult to work on them.

Would it be possible to implement some kind of “horizontal scroll” or any kind of navigation method to browse through the pages comfortably?

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Hi @icenter.monitoring

I hope you are well. Thanks for reaching out.

Sorry for the delay here, I believe this is done by design. However before going down that route, can you provide a screencast the pages disappearing, as this doesn’t sound like expected behaviour.

You can send the screencast directly to me in a private direct message if you are worried about and sensitive data being exposed.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello @dcody

I have shared with you a couple of screenshots that show the tabs being hidden, then appearing after zooming out.

I have been unable to upload a video file with the screencast, but still I think in the pictures it can be seen how 2,5 tabs are hidden until I zoom out of the page, at about 80% zoom.

Hi @icenter.monitoring

I have requested a permalink in the direct message as to gain more insight.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi there @dcody ,

I’ve replied back, we believe it might be something to do with the screen width.

Kind regards.

Hi @icenter.monitoring

So from investigation I am unable to reproduce it. I believe it is due to the screen resolution I have set on my laptop and desktop.

I can fit the entire names across the dashboard section on both just my laptop and including my desktop monitor. The work arounds here are to;

  1. Adjust the resolution to allow for a better fit.

  2. Change the names, by shortening the names they will be easier to fit on the screen.

I hope this provided help and insight. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions