Dashboard - Can't FACET Metric


I make a dashboard from APM with Metrics explorer:


The result:


SELECT count(newrelic.timeslice.value) FROM Metric FACET metricTimesliceName WHERE metricTimesliceName like ‘“Custom/GMB/quota”/https://mybusiness.googleapis.com/v4/accounts/locations:batchGetReviews/accounts%’ AND entity.guid = ‘MTE2MDgyfEFQTXxBUFBMSUNBVElPTnw0MDc4NDMy’ SINCE 1 days AGO TIMESERIES

Well i need to count the acumulate for each api case. For example, the metrics coming from three patterns:

Can i do it with FACET clause? I was try but without success :frowning:

Thanks since now!

Hi there @lmontesoro -

I’d love to see if I can help you out. First, I would love to clarify. If I understand you correctly, you are looking to see the total count for all three variables together, is that correct?

Hi @hross !

Thanks for you reply.
To clarify, i need to group the request for these URLs sin la parte variable. That is, the accumulated for each of these URLs:

The remaining part of the URL is variable, but I need to count grouping by these 3 URLs separately. That is, see the total count of the three variables separately

i suggest you facet the cases.
example :
facet cases (where metricTimesliceName like ’ %Custom/GMB/quota”/https://mybusiness.googleapis.com/**VARIABLE/PART%’) , cases ( where metricTimesliceName like ‘% Custom/GMB/quota”/https://https://mybusinessbusinessinformation.googleapis.com/**VARIABLE/PART%’)


Thanks so much @RishavSharma! Let us know if that works out for you @lmontesoro

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Hi @RishavSharma , @hross !

The facet cases it’s what I was looking for! Thanks @RishavSharma , and @hross for the replies.