Dashboard / chart compare a field from two events


I’ve two event types like:

“ReceivedMessageOldSystem” and “ReceivedMessageNewSystem”
Now I’d like to create a view /chart/dashboard which compares them. and maybe highlight differences.
a) See Missing message in the new system (timestamp and/or # of entries of a given id in the current timespan)
b) See if there is a difference in a given string property of this message

Both events have properties indicating a string message and some kind of int source identifier.

Can’t find an example of how to tackle this.

Any advice on this?

Hi @reichelt

I’m wondering if including 2 queries in the same chart would display the result from both events in the way that you can compare them?

As you can see you can add more than one query and use the chart in your dashboard.

Please note that the query needs to return the results in the chart format so the TIMESERIES clause is needed.

Let me know if you have any doubts.