Dashboard does not show "real" values depending on timeframe

Hi Community, i’m new here but since i did not find a solution to my problem i thought i’d give it a shot here.

In my dashboard i have several charts (graphs) showing Data over time, to be precisely it’s Values collected from Rabbit MQ-Queues.

Now if i set the time to 6hrs i see for example a max peak within that time of 15k, but if i zoom in on that by click,drag,click then the values change to e.g. 2k and the graph is NOT showinjg what’s actually happening in that queue.

I can provide screenshots if needed, would be much apprechiated if anyone can explain what i do wrong or why it does that in any way :slight_smile:


Hi, @markus.peter: You may find this post helpful:

Hi @philweber
Thank you for the fast response. I think i understand the bucketing feature, but no matter how i try to adapt it to my screenshots… i cannot wrap my mind around it.
Bucketing yes, but how do i get the graph to drop from a max value of >10k to a Value of <4k just by zooming in with time?

I mean it’s a queue that has a specific number of messages at a certain time, the graph should not do that right?