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Dashboard Filter By Account



I recently developed a custom dashboard and was able to deploy it successfully. Now I am looking for a way to filter the contents in the dashboard based on the User’s Account Id. So the dashboard will be published and deployed to a Profile with a number of Users. Each User will have the same dashboard but the content will be slightly filtered based on each User’s account Id. Is there a way to filter a dashboard by the Account Id with the programmability tools available?



@Yasin.Isse - I don’t believe it’s currently possible to pull in cross-account data.

Nerdpacks you deploy are deployed using an API key in your CLI profile
(see nr1 profiles:list -s for your profile data)

Those API keys are only scoped to one account. For the nerdpack to be able to pull in multiple account’s data, you’d need a cross-account API key, which we do not currently offer.

The solution here would be to deploy the nerdpack multiple times, using the different account API keys for each. (I would suggest altering the launcher name for each, to make them account-discernible)


Yes I understand. Thanks for the detailed response.