Dashboard for a service and all its dependent services

Hi All

New to NR and looking for technical guidance here please …

I need to create a dashboard for a service and all its dependent services and the aim is to have all those services in one single dashboard for monitoring purposes.

And if theres a problem with the service or any of its dependent services (service-map) dash-board should be able to highlight it and we should be able to see it on the dash-board.

Also, whats the best approach to create such ? like terraform etc ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, @s.elipe: Have you seen Workloads? https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/new-relic-solutions/new-relic-one/workloads/workloads-isolate-resolve-incidents-faster

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Thanks for the reply @philweber
Not yet, will explore soon.
But I guess, we have to create a work load for every service individually and all their dependent services manually and create the dashboard.

Hi @s.elipe

I believe you are correct, additionally I located a doc on Workloads. Note this doc discusses how to access and user workloads.