Dashboard Issue

When I log into New Relic, I have a dashboard called Hospice Cloud Pro under the National HME account. The dashboard still exists but now all of the charts there were automatically there when I logged in (default view) are now gone. I am now seeing “full stack observability” as the default page when I log in.

I need the dashboard for Hospice Cloud Pro to show up like before. Before screenshot.Picture1

Hey there @amanda.tabor -

We have definitely made a number of changes to the UI in the last few months and I know that it can be confusing when we move your cheese! Here’s how to get to the dashboard you shared:

Can you let me know if that does not get you where you need to go?

I see this when I follow your steps:

I am so sorry for the misdirection here. I just realized what is going on.

It looks like your account has been updated to our new pricing model, which also means that users have been migrated to the new user types. Your user type is currently set the Basic user type, and that user type does not have access to data visualizations available in the Full Stack Observability area of the platform. Here’s an overview of user types:

You’ll want to work with your account admin on getting you access as a Full User to see that area of the platform.

Let me know if that clears things up for you!

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Okay I have full access now.

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Excellent - Glad to hear that’s taken care of.

How did you get full access? I have the same issue now I think