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Dashboard link and apache integration


I have a couple questions for New Relic. Hope you can help me get them answered:

  1. I want to create a link on the HEB dashboard on an app server that will take me directly to the JVM page for that instance, I see that the New Relic URL uses an instanceId, but I want to see if there is a way to pass the instance name instead.

  2. I am trying the apache integration, we use a custom location for our apache executable and the New Relic integration (the inventory module I think) cannot find it, is there a way to specify this custom location?


Hey @holzhaus.joe - By HEB dashboard, I presume you mean one of your account’s Insights Dashboards?
If so, it’s not possible to directly embed a link in widgets there. You can using markdown, embed links in to Dashboard Notes

To look at your second question, the Apache integration looks in two locations for Apache executables,


This is currently not editable. That said it may work if you can set up a symbolic link between the location of your executable and the locations the integration looks, listed above.