Data consumption

Hi Team,
i would like to know how much data has been integrated from our azure infra to newrelic for last month kindly help me to get on these details coz we are in the final stage with the management to proceed further

Hi, @vijay.kumar6: You may find this document helpful: Understand and manage data ingest | New Relic Documentation.

Could you pls setup a demo on this topic i have been asking for a demo but till now i dint get proper support

Hi @vijay.kumar6 - Glad Phil got you the right documentation to better understand your data. It sounds like you reached out to our sales team for a demo. I will reach out to them as well on your behalf. Our technical support team (we manage this site) can’t run demos, but this video is also a great overview:

It’s in the documentation that Phil shared, but I wanted to call it out.

Kindly connect me with ur technical team for a demo i have been requesting from quite long time we have evaluated the product anf good to go but few clarifications we need so try to do it ASAP

Hello there @vijay.kumar6
I have created a case on your behalf, someone will be in touch with you via email :slight_smile: