Data ingestion includes logs but we're not logging at all

Account 3390180
In the last week or so the data ingest started showing logging done on the system, although we are not logging anything, and the logs tab shows “0 logs found”. This is causing me to go above the plan limit. What’s wrong?


Hi @ethanr

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well. Welcome to the community space and congrats on your first post here.

I will need to create a case on your behalf with the accounts team to assist you here. Please note they will reach out via email.

Should you have updates or questions please do reach out!

Hi dcody, I have not received any ping from support. Do I need to do anything to make it happen? For now, my account is blocked from monitoring my VMs…

Hi @ethanr,

Thank you for reaching out. I hope you are well.

I can see the support case is currently being worked on, they team will reach out via email once they have an update.

I have reached out to the team to highlight that you are awaiting a response. I am sure they will get a response out to you soon.