Data ingestion, what are "Metrics"?

Hello everyone,

I’m new using newrelic and i’m looking to know what are “Metrics” in data management admin panel in sub-section data ingestion.

This “Metrics” will represent a large percentage of what i will pay for the month, and probably not exploited at the moment (I’ll use APM stuff only).

Is that possible to configure the newrelic agent to do not record not needed “Metrics” to reduce monthly cost ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @antoine.benevaut, Welcome to the Explorers Hub. If you want to find out more about the metrics you’re using, you can read more here.

This should put you on the right track.


@nmcnamara thank you for your reply, I’ll read this asap.

With your recommandation and some research, i was able to make a query to retrieve the “Metrics” I want to do not store (& pay) on newrelic.

    rate(sum(GigabytesIngested), 1 day) AS avgGbIngestTimeseries
    FROM NrConsumption
    WHERE productLine='DataPlatform' FACET CASES (
        WHERE usageMetric LIKE '%Metrics%' AS 'Metrics'
    LIMIT 11 TIMESERIES AUTO since 30 days ago

I read that is possible to delete this metrics by two ways:

  • drop data using nerdgraph, but this solution freak me out a lot, because i don’t want to miss any data on production that i’m using and break newrelic tools or stats for current month xD.
  • drop data drop filter rules, sounds sexiest, but i didn’t undestand if this is applicable on newrelic agent log capture.

Any recommandation on with method to use ?

For the time being, I would advise trying to drop data drop filter rules as this seems to have the least risk for your use case. If you have any issues with this, I can try and follow up internally for more answers.

I followed this article, but this way it is only possible to drop records from the Log table. But most of the data is in the Metrics table. How can you solve this? Thanks!