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Data is not comming in


We have a bit wierd situation. We have daemon successfully running and no errors in php_agent.log
2018-08-27 08:46:27.390 +0000 (57878 57878) info: New Relic (“avocado” - “708a1d74e22e”) [daemon=’/tmp/.newrelic.sock’ php=‘7.1.20’ zts=no sapi=‘fpm-fcgi’ pid=57878 ppid=1 uid=0 euid=0 gi$
2018-08-27 08:46:27.391 +0000 (57878 57878) info: spawned daemon child pid=57896

I tried running nrdiag, showed No Issues Found, I can send info to support person if needed… License key is correct, I tried reinstalling newrelic with newrelic-install install, but no luck.



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