Data retention for data from BlazeMeter Integration


I have just set up an integration between BlazeMeter and New Relic and I am trying to find out what the data retention is on this data?

I don’t know what ‘source’ these metrics\events would be defined as.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

Hi there @jpmorris - welcome to the community!

Thanks for bringing this to us - this is the first I have seen of this integration. Heads up that as it is not produced or maintained by New Relic, I speak to much about it, but I hope I can answer your question regarding the data once it’s ingested into New Relic.

According to this article about the integration:’s-Integration-With-New-Relic

You can ingest data into APM, Infrastructure, or Insights (now Dashboards). I am not sure how you set your integration up, but you can find an overview of data retention by platform area in our docs here:

Let me know if this does not get you pointed in the right direction.