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Database Monitors/Reporting


###Looking for feedback

Please Share the NRQL

  • What are the main things SQL teams monitor in your company?

  • What are the monitors you use for Oracle?

I’m trying to work with my DBAs to determine what they would like to see monitored, provided, what they struggle with. For SQL I am providing servers with large amounts of free memory so they can investigate mis-configuration of Max Memory configuration.

SELECT Hostname, memoryFreeBytes/1024/1024/1024 as 'Free Mem GB', memoryTotalBytes/1024/1024/1024 as 'Total Mem GB', memoryUsedBytes/memoryTotalBytes*100 as '% Free' from SystemSample WHERE hostname LIKE '%pdbw00%' WHERE memoryFreeBytes > 32212254720 limit 100 SINCE 1 hour ago


Hey @reopelle.scott - I’m not 100% clear on the question here, are you looking for feedback on this NRQL query as a way to monitor DBs, or is there a more specific question? Thanks in advance for the clarity.


It’s really a two part question.

Part 1: What are the most useful queries people use to get insight to SQL and Oracle

Part 2: How can I fix my SQL query to determine the percentage of free RAM available. My SQL guys dedicate memory for SQL in our virtual environment so VMWare does not use balloons and to reserve the memory for other systems. We are attempting to identify which servers have over 5-10% free to preemptively prioritize configuration issues.

Let me know if this does not make sense.


Makes perfect sense, @reopelle.scott!

I too am eager to learn what the most useful queries to get insight to SQL and Oracle others use are.

I am leaving this to the rest of the community to share experiences—hopefully we will learn from others in the process!

Thanks for posing such a great convo starter that is sure to help others. :blush:

Of course, if you have made progress, feel free to update this thread!