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Database/sql wrapper + go-agent




I have been looking into the go-agent and ways to make it easy and painless to integrate in with our apps. I was considering writing something to do this, but then came across a very similar project to what I wanted for open-census. I was thinking about adapting it to new relic use, but its not quite as urgent for me at the moment and I was thinking it would get better maintained if it was something the New Relic be in charge of itself.

Would be interested to know if something like this would be something the team at new relic would be willing to take on as I think it would make adopting New Relic in go much smoother and start to make it be almost as quick to get going as some of the other more dynamic languages.


Hi cgilling!

Thanks for writing in.

We agree: Creating DatastoreSegments at database call sites is a pain.

Instrumentation to wrap sql/drivers and create DatastoreSegments automatically be very nice:

  • The Transaction would be accessed through the context.

  • Different drivers need different SQL parsers (to populate the Product and Collection segment fields).

We want to make this happen. No guarantees on timeline or it happening at all. But keep a lookout!