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[Datanaut Challenge] Share your tips, tricks and best practices


We all know that the more expertise you have, the more you get out of New Relic. So what’s one must-know feature or tip that took your usage of a New Relic product to a whole new level?

Datanaut @kmaier shared 2 tips:
(1) We really like seeing the transaction distribution across our AWS ELB’s to find hosts that might be under performing. This will show transactions that each host is handling over the last rolling 3 hours:

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction since 3 hours ago WHERE appName IN (“WebApp”) FACET host TIMESERIES 1 minutes

(2) He also pointed us to a link in the Docs that has proved to be quite useful

@john.monroe shared another invaluable trick: Using Powershell to get the latest Server Agent

Let us know some of your favorite tips, tricks and best practices and don’t forget to join the New Reic Datanaut program to be rewarded for your contributions!


One dashboard filterable on the host with 2 charts using the queries below to determine if a server is starting to overload. If the error count goes up with the transactions then the server is doing too much. Useful if you are not using scalable computing and have to manage your own hardware.

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction where response.status = '500'

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction


These two simple queries saved us a lot of time when tracking down an issue:

Which Errors:
SELECT count(error.message) FROM TransactionError FACET error.message WHERE appName = ‘APP_NAME’ SINCE 1 DAY AGO TIMESERIES 1 HOUR

From Where:
SELECT count(transactionUiName) FROM TransactionError FACET transactionUiName SINCE 1 day AGO WHERE appName = ‘APP_NAME’ TIMESERIES 1 HOUR