Date selection today, this week or something?

Hi @kai.mueller - I am submitting your feature request right after I hit reply here. :slight_smile: We do not have a public tracker to follow these. :frowning:

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Thank you! I would like to see this feature as well.

Adding your +1 to a feature request

Any progress on this? We really need this for financials reporting!

@gpvincent No update on this yet. In my opinion, you and the rest of the participants in this forum thread deserve to be the FIRST to know when this feature request is implemented! SUCH amazing input, thank you! and thanks for being patient.

I thought I would mention another way to approach this- since you mentioned “financials reporting”. In my personal experience, important financial dates happen at specific times on specific days. If you do have specific dates to key off of: have you tried putting the exact time and dates right in the query?

An example might be:
NRQL > SELECT count(*) FROM MyApp SINCE '2015-04-02' UNTIL '2015-06-30'

And you can add TIMESERIES or FACETs to change the presentation of the data.

Not sure if this suits your needs, but I would love to hear about it anyway, including other approaches you may have tried. I always like hearing about people getting creative with their NRQL queries!

I see you posted once before and a feature request was put in on your behalf, but I will make sure to update that feature request with your additional comments.

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+1, this functionality would be very useful

@matthew_brunton Thanks for keeping this fresh :smiley: I have added your +1.

+1. This would be great. I am also looking for the current day feature for my dashboard.

Done @LakshmiKaravad, I have added your 1+ :yum:

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+1, would be great for our real time ecommerce insights!

Since today
Since this week
Since this month

Thank you!

Filed that feature request for you @erik_g :sunny:


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@robert_prince I am going to add you to the feature request and also split of your post so we can look into what mentioned about how SINCE yesterday works.

+1 added :smiley:

Hi folks!

Excited to announce that we will be working to launch this feature sometime in the next 1-2 weeks! I will update this thread as soon as that happens. Stay tuned!

Henry, Insights PM


Great to hear it’s coming. Meanwhile I have found that
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Transaction WHERE name=‘myEventName’ SINCE 1 day ago FACET dateOf(timestamp)
will give you a total per day. Change “1 day ago” to a day interval suiting your need.

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:thumbsup: ^^ Awesome ^^ :thumbsup:

Hi folks!

We are happy to announce that we have implemented a solution to this problem as of today! Now, you can use different time buckets to limit your queries to fixed time windows, like:

  • SINCE this hour
  • SINCE today
  • SINCE this week
  • SINCE this month
  • SINCE this quarter
  • SINCE this year
  • SINCE Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

In addition, we have implemented two new clauses: AT and WITH TIMEZONE. AT allows you to specify a time at which you’d like to see a particular query — for example, you can ask for SINCE today AT ’08:00’ and the query will always show results starting at 8am.

WITH TIMEZONE will automatically retrieve a list of timezones that you can apply to any SINCE statement — for example, if you wanted to see the average duration of Transactions for a given business week in Pacific time, you might run: SELECT average(duration) FROM Transaction SINCE monday AT ’08:00’ UNTIL friday AT ’17:00’ WITH TIMEZONE ‘America/Los_Angeles’.

You can read more about the feature in our docs section here.

We hope you enjoy! Please do post your feedback (positive or otherwise) on this thread and we’ll do our best to incorporate it.



Hey Henry,

Thanks for the hard work!

I just noticed this while tinkering with some reporting yesterday. This is awesome.

Thanks New Relic team, this is something I have wanted for a while but never voiced my opinion on. You delivered :slightly_smiling:

I came here because I was not entirely sure what else I could do with the new updates. After seeing this, I am now realizing the crazy potential of this seemingly straightforward change. I REALLY dig the Timezone stuff, the “SINCE xx AT yy”, etc. Seriously, you took this 10 steps further than I would have even considered when thinking, “I’d like to have this feature” and I love it. Keep rockin it!




Thanks @nate.iorg!

Really it is the result of some incredible work by our talented Insights and NRDB engineers. The only one I can tag here is @zhobson, so I’ll just do that :smiley:

That’s so awesome that you see the potential too. We were talking about how this feature really unlocks tons of new use cases while seemingly just a “straightforward” change, to your point. We’re happy that customers are getting a lot out of it.

Keep the feedback coming (positive or negative)!


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