DB connection pool errors in New Relic


I am getting the below error which is not visible in New Relic for a particular instance.

[9/21/20 6:05:07:820 MST] 0000001f SystemOut O 2020-09-21 06:05:07,820 ERROR An error occurred in the profiler: Error getting connection from DataSource
com.guidewire.pl.system.exception.DBException: Error getting connection from DataSource
at com.guidewire.pl.system.database.connection.JNDIDataSourceConnectionPool.getCon

Why am i not able to see this error under APM- Error analytics? Can you help.

Thanks and Regards

Hi, @Arpita.Choudhury: Are you handling the error in your application? By default, New Relic only records unhandled exceptions. If you want to see handled exceptions in New Relic, you may call the noticeError() API function from your code.