Debug JSON parsing errors on custom events transmitted to Event API

Hello, We are sendign a lot of custom events to NewRelic through the Events API. Most of them are going through as expected without issues, but unfortunately, I am also seeing about 2k+ errors If I run SELECT count(*) FROM NrIntegrationError Facet newRelicFeature timeseries
studying this further I discovered that all of these are related to Json Parsing errors, suggesting I have an issue with how I create my Json payload. The problem I have is that I am not able to get a sample of the violating json payload, so it’s pretty impossible for me to discover what situation leads to the violating Json. Most of my events are going through fine, so any ideas on how to get hands on the violating payloads would be fantastic to be able to debug this.
These events are being streamed in from over 600 individual systems, so it’s also not very feasible to debug this on the system side.
Any help would be appreciated

Hi, @developer-billing: Unfortunately, I think you will need to save the payloads on your end; I don’t know of any way to get the problem payload(s) from New Relic.

When you successfully post an event, the API returns a request ID; if you can save the request ID and the associated payload somewhere, then you can get the ID from the NrIntegrationError event, and see which payload(s) caused the problem.

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