Dec. 9, 2016 Post of the Week—Insights, Workarounds and Feature Ideas

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Post of the Week! :cloud_snow: :snowman2: :cloud_snow:

This post is full of all the extraordinary ways our community members participated in our Online Technical Community this week. Search through the #pow tag to see what we are up to every week and enjoy! :sunglasses:

Thanks to @jevans for this PHP Agent followup and GitHub repo share:

Great contribution from @andy.raines ! He shares with all of us his solution for his Infrastructure needs:

@bghatasheh helps a feature idea along with his use case here:

Thanks to @Jake_Stevenson for trying to make this work and for documenting your progress :chart_with_upwards_trend: for us to follow along in your journey:

@marc.newton lets us in on his progress as well by sharing his Insights progress here:

Our Community Hero, @stefan_garnham , shares his workaround for an Insights feature idea:

and @stefan_garnham is always sharing alternate ideas and helping the community in any way he can:

Thanks to all of you who contributed to our community success this week and ALWAYS! Please pop by again soon and share what you are learning, ask a question or catch up with what is new with New Relic! Talk soon! :blush:

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