December 2018 Coffee Chat: Insights & Dashboards & NRQL - OH MY!

December Coffee Chat :coffee:

As you all know, we are smack dab in the middle of our Shared Dashboards contest! We thought it would be a good time for a Coffee Chat with a real life Insights and NRQL expert, @bsyme! If you have been voting, sharing or simply reading our Dashboard of the Day content, or trying new NRQL things other Explorers have shared so far, be sure to attend and join the real time conversation.

What can you expect from a Coffee Chat ? It’s an entire hour dedicated to learning from New Relic experts! We move a conversation topic to slack and you can pepper our willing expert with questions in real time. I then take that conversation and publish it here, in the community! (Check out this one , and this one !)

Coffee Chats are a great opportunity to learn something new, share knowledge with each other in a casual setting, and share a virtual cup of coffee or tea with other New Relic Explorers.

Coffee chat with Bryant Syme - Insights and NRQL Wizard

(not an official title, but it should be.)

  • Topic: New Relic Insights Dashboards and NRQL Questions and Sharing
  • Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Time: 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern
  • Location Coffee Chat Slack Instance
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See you on the 5th for some nerd-ing out on NRQL! :nerd_face:


:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Coffee Chat with Insight Subject Matter Expert: Jimmy! @jwilcox

December 5, 2018 conversation from #coffee-chat slack channel, New Relic Users.

@Linds [10:01 AM]
Hi everyone! Welcome to our December Coffee Chat!

Unfortunately, Bryant had to step away, BUT we have the one and only @Jimmy, our dashboard of the day superstar here to talk dashboards! (edited)

@jwilcox [10:02 AM]

@hross [10:02 AM]
Yay @Jimmy! :confetti_ball:

@Linds [10:03 AM]
I know you all have some questions about our contest! @jimmy—how do you think our contest if going so far!

@jwilcox [10:04 AM]
I am so thrilled with how this contest is going so far!! It’s so great to see all of you submitting your dashboards and it’s been really fun to see how you are using Insights
Do I get an apple watch for being here today? :joy:

@Linds [10:05 AM]
Haha…. no.

We have seen a lot of creative solutions this past week—eager to get chatting about questions/comments from the group!

@MarkWeitzel [10:09 AM]
WOW!!! We have 86 shared dashboards!!!

MarkWeitzel [10:10 AM]
Let’s see if we can break 100!! Anyone who has not shared yet, please consider jumping in!

@Jimmy [10:11 AM]
Just wanted to give a shoutout to the owner of this beautiful Mobile dashboard…

MarkWeitzel [10:14 AM]
Are there any Postman users out there?? You can load up some of the dashboards using the Shared Dashboard Collection:

(and feel free to add your own too!)

@Linds [10:17 AM]
@Jimmy - If I wanted to find the most viewed/most active page of my app, how would I accomplish this using NRQL? So I can add it to my dashboard?

@Jimmy [10:21 AM]
Great question! there are a couple queries we could write to achieve that…

SELECT count(*) FROM PageView SINCE 1 DAY AGO FACET pageUrl limit 10
SELECT uniqueCount(session) FROM PageView SINCE 1 DAY AGO FACET pageUrl limit 10

The first query will display the top ten most viewed pages on your site with the total count number for the past day. The second query will give you the number of unique user sessions on the top ten most active pages.

@MarkWeitzel [10:22 AM]
@Jimmy --that’s cool! i think jfry also has a similar query on his dashboard here: Shared Dashboards Contest—Add Your Queries Here!

@Linds [10:25 AM]
@jfry << You’re famous! :wink:

@jfry [10:25 AM]
woohoo! :smile:

@Linds [10:25 AM]
Excellent dashboard, btw!

@MarkWeitzel [10:26 AM]
Enjoy the 15 minutes!!!

@Jimmy [10:26 AM]
@jfry Can I have your autograph?

@MarkWeitzel [10:27 AM]
@here: Has everyone voted for their favorite dashboards??!!

@Linds [10:27 AM]
Hint: vote for jfry! :wink: ^^

@jfry [10:28 AM]
yeah - that. I could use a watch.

@Linds [10:29 AM]
What is your next dream dashboard you want to build, @Jason?
Maybe we can help?

@jfry [10:32 AM]
I’ve got 2 I’m going to start working on. One is a strictly a performance by page / section of our site. Something to help direct devs to problem areas with a bit more granularity than we have now.
and the second, our devs are going to begin work on our new app - so a new mobile forward one (very similar to the one posted above).

@Jimmy [10:35 AM]
That’s awesome! Now you can get some inspiration (copy&paste) from the dashboards on the Community!

@MarkWeitzel [10:37 AM]
That is very cool!

@Jimmy [10:37 AM]
My hot top for getting more granular data - use Facet Linking on your dashboards! That will help narrow down your queries to find specific bottlenecks in your applications (edited)

@jfry [10:38 AM]
From the main APM Overview page of an app, there’s an option for adding the Web Transaction time graph to a dashboard which I have done. Is there a way to see the query involved in making that work? Or is it more of a metric graph than an insight graph type?

@MarkWeitzel [10:38 AM]
@Jason are you planning on using any custom attributes in the new dashboards?

@jfry [10:39 AM]
@Mark Yes - I’m just waiting on our devs to get the custom attributes flagged in the code.

@MarkWeitzel [10:39 AM]

@Jimmy [10:40 AM]
@Jason You’re correct there - the APM overview page is going to be a Metric graph.
However, you can extract that info from specific attributes in the Transaction event. For example, the duration attribute for the Transaction event calculates “The total server-side response time for the transaction, in seconds. Does not include request queueing time.”

@Jimmy [10:43 AM]
Something like this could help out in a dashboard…

SELECT average(duration) FROM Transaction SINCE 1 WEEK AGO TIMESERIES
or max(duration)

And with Facet Linking, you’ll be able to narrow down the query/dashboard -

@Linds [10:47 AM]
Speaking of FACET linking, our Dashboard of the Day utilizes that functionality:

Take a look!

@MarkWeitzel [10:48 AM]
@Jimmy for some reason, this query is not returning the right value. I have it setup to run twice a week, but it’s never been right. Can you help: Select WINNINGNUMBER from POWERBALL where TIMESTAMP = 1544025600

@Jimmy [10:49 AM]
There’s gotta be a custom attribute for that somewhere…

@Linds [10:50 AM]
I mean, if custom attributes can’t accomplish this, are they even useful?

@Jimmy [10:51 AM]
You’re right. Let’s get rid of them.
JK! We’re keeping them. It’s pretty amazing how much you can learn from one line of code.

@MarkWeitzel [10:57 AM]
Yeah… There’s a cool dashboard that monitors the connection b/t twilling and Willie1’s app that uses custom attributes - Shared Dashboards Contest—Add Your Queries Here!

@jfry [10:57 AM]
is there a way to add axis labels to an insight graph? they can often be a bit ambiguous (especially with area charts)

@Linds [10:58 AM]
Not right now, no :disappointed: BUT we can file a feature request about that for you right now!

@Linds [10:59 AM]
Time to wrap up this coffee chat—thanks for the excellent questions and conversation! Come and find us next month for our next chat! Thanks all! @Jason!