Default location of Java agent

When I installed new relic infra via command line it also installs apm agent. Please find screen shot attached.

I need to know the location of the agent so that I can specify it in the command while running individual java processes. Also do I need to alter the yml?

Hi @pavitar,

I just wanted to mention that I redacted your licence key from the image you supplied. :smiley:

For the default location of installed files, with windows it is usually under Programme files/NewRelic and within that you may find newrelic-infra and Java agent

from the screen shot provided it mentions /usr/local/bin/newrelic.

Have you tried to use Finder to find the application in question?

Sorry I didn’t realise that I didn’t mention the OS. I’m trying to install this on a remote Ubuntu machine

Have you searched the Bin folder

Yes I did, and all I could find there is a bunch of excutables. I did not find the java apm agent or the newrelic.yml file.

Check the snapshot

Are you certain it installed the JAVA agent so? As I don’t believe the guided install for infra installs any APM agent.

Okay, please check the snapshot in my original post. Right below the command line we are given checkboxes to customize our installation, the fourth checkbox says “Install and configure application monitoring”. I had it ticked when I copied the command, as all 4 are ticked by default.

Hi, @pavitar: According to the guided install documentation , only the .NET APM agent is currently supported.

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Thank you for pointing that out. However, it would be great to have a small note on the Guide install page itself clarigying this.

I had selected Java agent for Ubuntu after which I saw the page with the checkboxes, I guess you’ll could may be disable the “Customize your installation” checkboxes for all combinations except for .Net APM.

Take a look at /opt/newrelic.