Delete Account My Account Please <3

Hey Super Friends,

Since it appears there is no way through the UI to delete an account, here I am.

Please delete account this account:


Thanks a bunch.

@dev91 Glad to have you on the community, welcome! I’ve looped in our account team on this. They will be in contact soon :slight_smile:

I would also like to delete my account. I have tried submitting a support ticket unfortunately it never submits. Thank you for your help.

@phedinkus You should receive an email from our account team soon.

Please delete my account as well. Can’t find a form or button for it.

I would like for my account to be deleted as well.

Please delete my account 2889577

I, too, would like to delete my account. Would anyone help me with this?
i can’t delete by my selve, thanks in advance.

I too would like to have my account deleted.
Account number 2442202

Please delete my account as well.


Please delete my account as well. 2734722

@delano Given your type of account this guide can walk you through deleting your account: How to delete your Organization

If you do not see those options for this account please let me know and I will get our account team to assist you further. Thanks :slight_smile:

@haakon1 @email8 @elsa2go.vwag.r.wob @emmanuel6 I have asked our account team to help each of you with your request.

Please delete my account as well.


Hi @lifeteo!

I have done the same for you and our account team will reach out shortly by email.

Could you please also delete my account - account number 1427153.



I have submitted a ticket to our support team to assist you with this. Please lookout for an email from them directly.