Delete Account Stop Billing

Hi new Relic

I need to deactivate or Delete account, so that we shouldn’t be charged monthly.
as this service is not in use now.
pls do so ASAP.

Deepinder Singh

Hi @simplinamdharis, If you’ve created a new New Relic organization that you don’t need, and if it meets some requirements (below), you can delete that organization with these steps: click the account dropdown, select Organization and access, and then click Delete organization.

Requirements for being able to self-delete an organization:

how can I completely delete our old account that was registered years ago? I recently canceled all the subscriptions and I want to move to new relic one plan, but that does not seam to work

now I want to delete the old account completely and create a new one

Hi @tom76 -

Be on the lookout for an email from our team. They will help you out with this.