Delete-close account

Dear New Relic support,
I would like to delete our account (3089781) and all included information and users. I don’t see how to do it inside administration section.
Please, help me through this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @ITControl :wave:! Your account is on our New user model, which means this can be self-served.

To permanently delete your Organization and Account, please follow these steps:

NOTE: this action can only be done by users who are assigned the Organization Manager role. Not sure? See more here: Standard roles.

  • Log in to the Organization/Account in question.

  • Navigate to the NROne dropdown menu and select Administration.

  • On the following page, choose Organisation and Access, you should see an option to Delete Organization.

  • Selecting this option will bring up a side-bar menu to confirm deletion. Once confirmed, the organization will be deleted, the account will be canceled and any users associated with the organization will be removed.

If you are having trouble following these steps, please let me know! Thank you!

Hi Ghoran,
I don’t see the “Delete organization” option. And I’m afraid that itcontrol user is the admin one.

Hi @ITControl A Reason that the option to delete is not available could be due to more than one user on the account. If this is the case removed any Users on the account leaving just your and then the Delete Organization should appear.

If it still does not appear please let us know and we can get someone from our Accounts team to check this out for you!