Delete labels from New Relic accounts using API

Hello team,
I was actually trying to delete the labels from specific account using API Key using API newrelic explorer.
API used: curl -X DELETE '{key}.json' \ -H 'X-Api-Key:{api_key}' -i

  1. I was not able to delete it .Got response as 404 Not Found.
  2. I tried creating a label, and I could create and also delete the same using ADMIN API KEY (Label that I created was not associated with any applications. )
    a) I created a label and the same label could be deleted by my teammate.
    b) I couldn’t delete the existing labels which was not created by me.


  1. On using API explorer is there any restrictions with the roles for deleting labels ?
  2. Is there any specific key to delete the labels from newrelic account?
  3. Can that not be deleted with the Admin API key?

Thanks in advance.

Can I get some info on this post.

Hey @madhura.d

That sounds like a bug! Let me get you in touch with my colleagues who can help confirm that. :slight_smile: