Delete old application

I’m trying to delete old application that was named wrongly and I renamed, but even if I try to do it using the API, I’m receiving an error that I cannot delete applications that have received data in the last 12 hours, but it has passed more than 1 week that I renamed those applications

Hi @felipe.jesus, welcome to the Explorers Hub. I would suggest reading through this Level Up post to see if this helps as it is quite relevant!

Hello @nmcnamara

Yes, I tried using the api and the applications names are gray and without send any data for at least 5 days, but when I call the api I’m receiving the following error:

Thanks for the explanation @felipe.jesus. It looks like your app is still sending data without you realising. You can follow the instructions on this page to disable your application so you can uninstall it at a later time once it has stopped sending data.