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Dependabot PRs are not picking up the New Relic Python Agent Changelog


  • What language agent version are you using? Any other relevant versions? (Packages, etc.)
    Python Agent + Github + Dependabot

  • What error message are you seeing if any? Paste in text or add a screenshot:

  • Describe what are you seeing? How does that differ than what were you expecting to see?
    Typically I would expect to see a Changelog section that lists the changes made between the current version and the new version but this appears to be broken. (See example of another Dependabot PR below.)


Hi @hmstepanek ,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I did a bit of research into this problem by looking at part of dependabot’s source:

The changelog and release notes are placed into the PR through the code located here.

From the source code, it looks like at present dependabot can only fetch changelog / release information from:

  • github
  • gitlab
  • bitbucket

Unfortunately, the Python Agent source code (with changelog and release notes) is not currently available on github, gitlab, or bitbucket so the changelog / release notes won’t be populated into dependabot PRs.

That being said, the Python team does have tentative plans to make the Python Agent source code available through github, although we cannot offer a specific timeframe for this to be completed. We’ll file this as a feature request to place the Python Agent source on github!

In the meantime, you can always find our release notes on the docs page!