Deploying Containerized Private Minions in a Highly Available fashion?


We’re looking to deploy CPMs into our AWS infrastructure. My understanding is New Relic dont support the deployment of CPMs into Kubernetes or hosted AWS solutions like ECS or Fargate.

This is a shame, because we’d like to deploy CPM, but not worry about maintaining any underlying infrastructure (for example the underlying ec2 instance that would run docker). Has anyone deployed CPM into an instance running in Elastic Beanstalk or an Auto Scaling Group?

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Hi @mfletcher, you are correct, we don’t currently support deploying with Kubernetes or AWS solutions, though there are various solutions that may help here in the community. Bear in mind that because of the way the containers spawn child containers they won’t work with Fargate or EKS, but they can work with ECS, as per the solution here:

Other users may have some solutions for this and if you test it and run into specific errors we may have workarounds to provide too :slight_smile:

Hi @mfletcher just a quick note here to say that Kubernetes support is now available for private locations.

All install details here: